Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club
snowmobiling in the white mountains, nh

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ATTENTION:  Please...Stay on the trails for your safety and to maintain our permission from the landowners.  A single discourteous rider can do irrepairable harm to our efforts.  IMPORTANT: Ride only ON the marked trail on the Waumbek Golf Course!!  We are in jeopardy of losing this trail due to the actions of careless and thoughtless riders.

New Hampshire is truely a winter wonderland and a snowmobilers paradise. Whether you sled through the picturesque wooded trails with breath taking mountain paranomas or take advantage of the abandoned rail lines along river valleys, you will find some of the finest riding in all of New England.

There are over 7000 miles of interconnecting trails available for resident and non-resident alike. Also the New Hampshire State Parks Service offer over 40 parks open for snowmobiling in the state. You just need to register your snowmobile with The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association.

Get a discount and join one of 115 affiliated snowmobile clubs intersperesed throughout the state. Membership fees go towards trail maintence, purchasing of new equipment, and new trail constuction. Access to the trails has been provided throughout the state with special attention to parking, food, and gasoline.

CAUTION: A groomer travels at an average speed of 5-8MPH. Riders need to use extreme caution on the trails and always be on the lookout for groomers. Many of the grooming machines are exceptionally wide and long, so you as the snowmobiler need to give the right-of-way, and ALWAYS slow down when approaching a groomer.